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Hikurangi Classic 1960s Wooden Tug

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sea monkey:
Turning into a team effort!
For any non New Zealanders reading, Russell (Aucklander) is pretty much the expert on New Zealand tugs and workboats. He knows everything you need to know.
Vanya has been able to visit the Hikurangi where it is currently laid up in Dunedin and has taken a lot of reference photos for me. Very helpful but it has highlighted a few changes to the 'as built' layout, and some of the more quirky features. A few things have changed over the past 50 years use.
The aft towing bitt is a good example of one of the peculiarities of the real boat.
The bulwarks/gunwales have no struts/supports and are an extension of the hull triple planking. Might be difficult to have a smooth interior finish and still have the side walls strong enough and able to be glued securely into position.

Hi! This is Aucklander in my older alter ego for which I have found my log on-feels better not to be a newbie and to be a more senior and a site supporter. Here are some pix of the Albatross V -ne J R Harland. Designed by Athol Burns and I watched her being built at Miller and Tunnage Port Chalmers. You wouldn't believe the huge baulks of Kauri going into her. Must have been '68.
Here are pix of the Albatross V out of the water -simlar to Hikurangi but with 10' extra length to draw the lines out a bit and fitted with a Kort nozzle.
Also one of her at launch as the  J R Harland

Whoops! Here are the pix of the Albatross V on the hard

And some pix of Hikurangi in Dunedin. She is alongside Arataki the second to last of our YTLs and then about to be knackered. Long gone now.
Sad. We've one left of our own and there is another Australian made one masquerading as a fishing trawler over here.

They had to be quite burdensome hulls -Hikurangi was rather bathtub-like in the fwd sections as i recall. They had a 500hp Lister Blackstone down below. Regrettably Hikurangi's engine was covered with a tarp when I went below to pay my respects.
She did sound nice when she was working......


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