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32 Tug Books and Books with Tug Photo`s
« on: February 09, 2017, 14:30:06 »
Hi Tugger`s

     I`m selling my Tug Book collection (before they gather too much dust) for 80, please refer to attached list, unfortunately this is a collect only from the Portsmouth Area.

Cheers Pompyboy

                  TUG BOOKS.
1      British Steam Tugs,                  by    P.N. Thomas.
2      Tugs and Towing               by   M.J. Gaston.
3      The Tug Book                  by   M.J. Gaston.     
4      Tugs Around Britain               by   Bernard  McCall.
5      Steam Tugs [colour portfolio]            by   David Williams.
6      Diesel Tugs [colour portfolio]            by   David Williams.
7      Fifty Years of Naval Tugs            by   Bill Hannan.
8      Take the Strain [Alexandra Towing]         by   Tim Nicholson.
9      The Tug Boat Book [Large Scale models]         by    Chris Jackson.
10   Scale Model Tugs and Trawlers            by   Tom Gorman.
11   Tugs and Towing               by   M.K. Stammers.
12    Tugs and Offshore Supply Vessels [2003]      by   James Dodds    UK and Ireland.
13   Tugs and Offshore Supply Vessels [2006/7]      by   James Dodds     UK and Ireland.
14   Tugs and Offshore Supply Vessels [2006/7]      by   James Dodds    Baltic & Scandinavia
15   British Tugs. [1987 Offerpace Ltd]         by   ???
16   European Tug Fleets [1975]            by   M.J. Garston.
17   European Tug Fleets [1977 2nd series]         by   M.J. Garston
1   Scale Model Steamboats            by   Phillip Vaughan Williams.
2   Channel Sweep  [HMT Perseverance]         by   B. Warlow. RN.
3   British Warships 1980, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1991,& 1993.   by   Mike Critchley.   6 off.
4   Bristol Channel Shipping            by   Chris Collard.
5   Mersey Shipping               by   Ian Collard.
6   Clyde Shipping                  by   James A. Pottinger.
7   The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal         by   Hugh Conway-Jones.
8   Admiralty Salvage in Peace and War         by   Tony Booth.
9   Merchant Ships of the Solent            by   Bert Moody. 

Tug Chief

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Re: 32 Tug Books and Books with Tug Photo`s
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2017, 03:49:21 »
Hi Pompy Boy,

Are these books still available please?