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I apologize that I know nothing about this model tug boat. I was given it a long time ago. I need the space in shed now, it takes up a lot of room.
It is 1.4m long and has a beam of around 30 cms. It is very heavy as it contains a lot of lead ballast. Has one steering servo, prop shaft and brass prop as you can see in photos. Superstructure is ply and balsa. Don't know whether it was kit or scratch built. Hull looks very sound. Some fittings, masts present.
I live near Welshpool, Mid Wales, but I could transport to Telford area.
What's it worth? Well I don't know. So I am open to offers. Going to put on ebay starting at 100, just a guess!   
(Hope photos appear)

Hello Teaef. . .the tugboat looks like a fine old tugboat model. I bet that someone here
or several, have some information about this tug.

Over the years I have checked out many tugboat models for sale. From my observations
they were for sale at, my opinion, a 10th of what went into them. . .sort of like ten cents
on the dollar - if you find a buyer. I would think that if this was for sale in my neighborhood,
I'm in the US, that it would sell. I would buy it for the price you are thinking about.

Looking it over, I'm going to guess that it is a "scratch build".

I'll watch and see what others have to say. Welcome Aboard Teaef,


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