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HDear Bob,


Thank you very much for your e-mail, and thank you to my colleague Alison for passing your enquiry on to me.


I think the vessel you are after from 1941 is not the same as the one mentioned in the blog, although both are named Zoodochos Pigi. The one in my blog was the 1869-built Greek brig which foundered off Lundy in December 1883. Here is our record for it:


We do not hold any photographs of either vessel, although Historic England holds some maritime photographs of ships and of shipwrecks in English waters. The 1883 Zoodochos Pigi is not among them, as far as we know, and the 1941 one would be out of our remit, as wrecked in Piraeus.


However, I have found the following sources, in Greek, which may contain photographs of the vessel or lead you to some, from the Historisches Marinearchiv website (in German), entry for the Zoodochos Pigi. It looks as if she was raised, returned to service, then sank again in 1942, raised again and after the war returned to service, sinking again for a third and final time in 1955.


3. [C] Melissinos, Ioannis: Die Marine im Zweiten Weltkrieg – Der gesamte Beitrag der griechischen Handelsmarine (Motorsegler und Dampfer) 1940-1945, Band I und II, Universität Ioannina 1995 (gr.)
4. [D] Dounis, Christos: Die Wracks der griechischen Gewässern 1900-1950, Band I, Finatec, Athen 2000 (gr.)


I suspect that, because she was registered in Piraeus from 1922 until her final loss, when she was struck from the Piraeus register in 1958, the local archives in Piraeus may be your best bet for tracing a photograph, including post-war photographs of the vessel returned to Greek service, perhaps in a newspaper.


The following is a guide to contacting Greek archives:


I am sorry I cannot be of more help, but hope the above is useful and gets you a little bit further forward with locating a photo of the 1941 Zoodochos Pigi.


With best wishes,