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« on: September 12, 2017, 00:42:34 »
Wonder if anybody can translate the documents on this page to enlighten me more about circumstances of my dad's posting on this tug


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Re: Pigi
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 04:05:30 »
Greek name:   ΖΩΟΔΟΧΟΣ ΠΗΓΗ
Ship type:   steam tug
Internat. Callsign:   Szig
Port Authority:   Piraeus 1413
First trade flag:   Greece
Owner :   1903 [?]
1913 Marco Rigo, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
1914 Osmanli Bahriye
1919 Navy national franšaise
1922 Maria Loumidis, Piraeus, Greece
1925 Maria Loumidis and Chrisanthi Niagasis, Piraeus, Greece
1925 Chrisanthi Niagasis and Ekaterini F. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece
1927 Nicolaos E. Vernicos and Ekaterini F. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece
1927 Nicolaos E. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece
1941 German Empire
1945 Vernicos Tugs and Salvage, Piraeus, Greece
Building:   Vasiliades Shipyard, Piraeus, Greece
Construction year :   1903
Everything on / off 

Technical specifications
Size (BRT):   48,99
Size (NRT):   7.61
Length (m):   21.45
Width (m):   4.30
Draft (m):   1.90
Crew :   3
Machine:   Steam engine / MacDowell & Barbour, Piraeus, Greece
Power :   33 NHP
Propeller:   1
Built in 1903 as a wooden steamer ZOODOCHOS PIGI from the "Vasiliades shipyard" in Piraeus, Greece. The name of the first owner could not be determined. [A] [D] [F]
1913 Owned by Marc Rigo, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. [F]
22.11.1914 confiscated by the Ottoman government in Istanbul. [F]
1914 by the state "Osmanli Bahriye" and later transferred to the "Levazim İşleri Dairesi" (under the administration of the state "Osmanlı Seyr-i Sefain İdaresi"), Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. [F]
1919 from the naval national franšaise in Istanbul found. [F]
14.11.1922 by Mrs. Maria Loumidis, Piraeus, Greece, acquired. [A]
18.07.1925 the 55% of the ship was sold to Mrs. Chrisanthi Niagasis, Piraeus, Greece, for 100,000 drachmas. Ownership: Maria Loumidis 45% and Chrisanthi Niagasis 55%. [A]
18.09.1925 the 45% of the boat sold to Mrs. Ekaterini F. Vernicos for 22,500 drachmas. Ownership: Chrisanthi Niagasis 55% and Ekaterini F. Vernicos 45%. [A]
17.02.1927 the 55% of the ship sold to Nicolaos E. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece, for 100,000 drachmas. Ownership: Nicolaos E. Vernicos 55% and Ekaterini F. Vernicos 45%. [A]
11.03.1927 the 45% of Ekaterini F. Vernicos sold to Nicolaos E. Vernicos for 85,000 drachmas. [A]
28.10.1940 according to command No. 18791 by the Greek government (place Δ.Θ.Κ.Μ.) and further used as a tugboat in the area Piraeus. [C]
April 17, 1941, under the command of the captain Zaphyrios N. Baos and with two-crewed crew (sailors: Georgios Batsis and Prokopios A. Pantaleon) attacked bombs in front of the port of "Tourkolimano" (Piraeus) of airplanes of the German Luftwaffe. One of the bombs exploded on the starboard side of the ship and the tug sank. The crew could save themselves as they jumped into the water in time. After the occupation of Athens (27.04.1941) the ship was declared a pinch by the German occupying forces. Later the ZOODOCHOS PIGI was recovered, repaired and assigned to the naval commander of the sea defense Lemnos. [D] [E]
25.11.1941 in Mudros (island of Lemnos).
11.05.1942 the ZOODOCHOS PIGI was classified as non-operational, so that only the small tug LUISA was available to the sea commandant of the sea defense Lemnos until the trawlers AVRA and KLEOPATRA arrived.
The ZOODOCHOS PIGI was probably sent to Piraeus in 1942, where it was sunk a second time. After the war, the ship was recovered and returned to the owner who subsequently repaired it and reinstated it. [D]
1947 Owned by Manos Vernicos. [F]
1953 Possession of Alexandros Vernicos. [F]
15.08.1955 the ZOODOCHOS PIGI sank for reasons of age in the bay of Perama and was later scrapped. [A]
03.04.1958 deleted from the port register Piraeus. [A]
loss information
Date of loss:   04/17/1941
Location of loss:   before "Tourkolimano" (Piraeus), Greece
Type of loss:   flight attack
Loss of cause:   bombs
Opponent Name:   German Air Force
Team Fate:   No losses
1. [A] Port registers Piraeus
2. KTB of the commander of the sea defense Lemnos
3. [C] Melissinos, Ioannis: The navy in the Second World War - The entire contribution of the Greek trading fleet (motor sailer and steamship) 1940-1945, volume I and II, University of Ioannina 1995 (gr.)
4. [D] Dounis, Christos: the wreck of the Greek waters 1900-1950, Volume I, Finatec, Athens 2000 (Gr.)
5. [e] report of the sailor Prokopios Pantaleon in [D] (gr)
6. [F] Forum Marine Archives
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Re: Pigi
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2017, 06:11:47 »
Thankyou, very kind

3 on board when sunk
Wonder were tugs used to ferry British soldiers to Greece.
How many would have been on at one time ?
Would my dad have helped small crew?
Be great to know what could have happened