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I wonder if any member has built a model of this vessel. Whilst I am waiting for other information and timber for the Drifter I have begun work on my HMS Bulldog, a hydrographic survey ship.

It is a hull and plan job,  the plan being by David Metcalfe. I have located a few picture/photos but as usual none found as yet showing deck and details.

Would like to hear from members who have built this and how they made and/or where from they acquired certain for this ship model.

Interesting that the plan shows one side only and comments not that the number and position of portholes differs each side.  I noticed that from a couple of photos online.

Perseverance is still on the bench. ....not forgotten.


She has had a basic coat of paint. The interior has had a couple of coats of black paint so that if I want to install lights such will not shine through the white plastic hull.
The hull had been strengthened with  lollipop sticks (wooden) resin and fibreglass cloth in the keel and so far. On to that had been placed 13lbs of lead shot.


Anchor housings in and fibreglassed as are the rudder blocks and shafts and prop tubes and shafts. Uj couplings arrived this morning and do motors and couplings attached. Now to align motors and fasten in situ.
Each 6v-15v motor (Dean's Marine Falcon type) is rated at 6v 6000rpm and 2.2A. The props are about 1" with high pitch. Will be interesting to know whether I will be best operating at 6v or 12v. The props seem quite small for such a large boat.  They look a similar size as those used for Vliestroom buoy vessel.

deep diver:
I have the small Deans one, not in a good condition, I did find some photo's of her that may be of some help.



Thank you very much for taking the time to find and to upload those pictures. They will be very helpful.


Only after acquiring this hull and plan did I learn of the DM model. But then I saw that it was not a very big model.  Does it sail well?  Are you restoring your model?


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