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An Assurance class conversion to Diesel power.

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model tugman:
I have managed to purchase a new kit for the Assurance class tug, but as I already have one built as per the kit I looked around and found something a bit different, she was built as HMRT. Tenacity, then renamed Adherent, after being sold out of Admiralty service she ended up in Sweden where she was converted to Diesel power with 2x Fairbanks Morse Ex Submarine engines geared to to one shaft.
She also had alterations to her superstructure ,funnel and after deck but still her earlier looks were there.
So the first job was to cut out the anchor ports because as built they had external anchors, then I fitted the stern frame and rudder.

model tugman:
Should have put these on first, pictures as Adherent, Hermes and Canadian Viking.

Looks like an interesting build - like the lines of the Canadian Viking there.

What kit did you acquire?

Thanks for posting,

model tugman:
Model slipways Assurance class tug kit from E bay, it was completely untouched so a bargain for 200.
I think only the two were actually converted in later life and both went to BC ,strange really.

model tugman:
Next job tackled were the deck beams and installing the prop shaft, I have increased the number of deck supports and used laminated wooden ones ,but have faced the top surfaces with plastic strips as I am going to use the kit supplied decks and wanted a bit more support under them.
As I am building her as she was when diesel powered the tow hook table and engine room top have to. Be modified and moved further forward.


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