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Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« on: May 09, 2018, 13:16:19 »
Hi all tassie48 here a new member to this site just about to start a new project in 1/24 scale the WW2 tug Metinda III was the ex EMPIRE ROSA EX EMPIRE JEAN then ,METINDA III then RA3 then her last days as AR33 .
She was a WW2 Modified Englishman/Larch tug 137.1x33.1x14.5 feet
Normal build plywood frames plywood hull fiberglassed over in and out 20 channel Radio Control apart from the std fwd rev port stb she will have some other features Port side anchor and chain 3 metres of cable ,port side life boat swings out down to water line and back up again ,Opening doors and opening hatch covers and a sliding hatch with one of the crew coming up and back down again ,radar search light turns,smoke stack and water discharge over the side and thru a deck hose motor water cooling outlets working aft deck steering chains even a wash down hose and crew on the working anchor side lights Nav ,Towing interior and a crew member aft welding the deck watch out for welding flash,anchor light works with the anchor ,swings a 145mm 4 blade RH cast bronze prop from simon all ready under way ,tow hook drops and returns so can drop the tow if need,some other features still to be worked out looking at getting the lifeboat to operate on it,s own once released she will have a very loud ships horn .
I have build bigger models in the past so no big deal just keen to get as many features in one model and as with all my models one of the crew is taking a leak over the side plumbed up to the cooling water all my models have this feature being ex merchant navy bow and stern pudding and side fenders will show her working .
I use to build models for museums now just prefer to build what I like and this girl really appeals to me I plan to have the build blog on here and just here I had a 1/32 Model of her years ago sold her when we went over seas now back in NZ keen to get another one on the water .

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Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 13:23:17 »
Looking forward to this.


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Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2018, 15:40:14 »
Steve here is the list of METINDA III operational radio control workings .
First of all grab a cuppa this is a long read
Switch on model once in the tide switch on funnel casing one of the gensets exhaust is a switch the radar will be turning once power is on.
Then std safety check on water done one before starting out 
CH1 Rudder single jumbo quarter scale servo twin link arms even push and even pull this servo is Y joined to another that push pulls the steering chains and tensioners in the steering troughs via a drum winch on the std servo.
CH2 blower style motor 12 volt or 24 volt depending on what is their when we start building smoke stack operates when motor is running both fwd and astern at the same time you will see water discharge over the side as the water pump cools the motor with a cooling copper coil around the motor two stb side discharges one port side just like the real ship all so the pressure relief will run out on deck via a deck hose on the aft deck their is also three computer cooling fans fitted one cools the ESC and motor the other under the funnel forces the draft up the funnel making the smoke rise the third pulls air around the inside of the hull all the cowl vents allow air in and out of the model also the galley smoke stack tells us the cook is busy haha.
CH3 the port side anchor will lower and lift up also at the same time a micro servo will hoist the black anchor ball up the anchor line on the fwd mast stay at the same time the all round clear white anchor comes on micro switch on anchor winch see my earlier winch listing on her water will discharge via the hawse pipe to wash the anchor chain one crew here doing this job under the anchor winch is a tupperware dish and sponge to catch the water on a slide that i can reach in and slide out drain the water with the sponge  anchor chain slides thru a clear plastic hose to the winch once housed the ball will drop back to deck level and the anchor light goes out now have 5 Meter of cable studded cable for the winch.
CH4 Port side lifeboat the davits run twin jumbo servos that turn the threaded shafts that tilt the davits out board then the winch lowers the life boat down to the water it is tethered to the ship with a bow painter line just like the real thing depending on the wave motion this can be up and down the hull the  winch hauls it back to the davits then she is rehoused threads turn backwards and davits are housed still looking at a release system for the life boat to motor off and back again on its own rc not 100% their yet .
CH5 tow hook release I can pull the pin on the tow hook via a std servo behind the tow hooks two on board spring loaded so will drop the hook down then back up into position if the line will not drop and couple of taps on the switch should do the job.
CH6 Nav lights fwd mast has masthead head size and tow lights port stb on atop of bridge wings outboard nothing flash here but the oil lights on the fwd mast have a micro servo that can pull up the two oil lights if need stern light is on the aft mast led lights with correct diode for max lighting.
CH7 wheel house lights up binnacle has a dull light radar has a sweeping red light both isd telegraphs have a dull light not to bright  the monkey island above the bright has the same system  .
CH8 all interior lights bow port holes midship and aft port holes and port holes in the accommodation block and the engine room skylights will shine as well.
CH9 search light a pencil beam led light rotates via a fixed arc servo light throws about 30 odd feet looks the bees knees may blind the crew on the monkey island were the search light is .
CH10 aft deck hatch the lid of the hatch opens as a crew member pops up to take a look around servo push hatch open close and pushes up crew member .
CH11 we have a stern windlass on the port side under the boat deck this has a servo with stops removed and can rotate at 10 rpm which looks about right .
CH 12 this my trade mark one of the crew is taking a leak over the side as you do all my models have this feature Steve the Sailor haha is well he is really good seems to have had way too much beers and he is a world champ at throwing water a great distance some 20 odd feet you have been warned as we past by you better than a fire monitor.
Ch13 aft mast has a cargo derrick this is fixed in place and a std drum servo under the deck and from the  lower position can be raised upwards and lowers down as required the topping lift line is on the winch the two port and stb guy wires allow this to be done without too much tension.
CH14 Doors most doors aft lower deck under the boat deck  both port and stb  via micro servo due to diode fitted here the doors close one after the other on both sides and open the same .
CH15 fog horn a real size car horn in the hull this should scare most ducks away and make some people jump servo and actuator pull the switch that makes a blast .
CH16 one crew is busy working down aft welding a spare anchor a  led flashing light will arch up as he welds on deck looks great at night running operations very bright.
CH17 flood lights these are very very bright one fwd mast on fwd deck winch area two on aft end bridge wings lights up the boat deck two aft end boat deck lights up the lower main two deck these work on a timer 20 seconds on due to heat from the super bright led lights still working on getting the heat away from these but looking good .
CH18 Bridge doors these slide open and close a small micro switch and servo  with a brass rod push pulls the doors in their brass tracks so they open and close with ease .
Ch19 Sound effects crew talking radio giving of a mayday call doors slamming inside the ship people running on steel deck second mayday call .
CH20 this one makes most people smile my crew all 75 mm high some of them are animated  proud of my crew members the crew on the bridge monkey island  lift their right arm and point  one on aft deck by tow hook lifts his right arm and points one near the life boat points as well skipper on the bridge rings down for full ahead you now can hear the telegraph ting ting noise and yep the seagull on the truck atop of the main mast flaps his wings how do you say well its a funny story once i was rather up set and as you do broke my phone something about the ex wife leaving me well inside is a small electric motor with a weight off set on it this is how your phone vibrates so this motor less the counter weight turns a cam that lift and flaps the seagull Jonathan wings the motor is only 4mm so sits inside the mast  .
Look if I can think this out and make it work you guys should have a go at this it is both fun and rewarding went to a model boat show once ten tugs all lined up we had a pulling competition with a spring set of fishing scales no one wanted to do this I stepped up ran my winch which shocked everyone and then hooked and used my tow bollards to pull the spring scales  seems the others just had bollards glued to the deck were mine are all dowelled thru the deck so if you want either email me or message me and I can help you do something different on your model .
Researching and figuring out things to do is a blast .
Steve hope some of the guys read this smile and give it a go tassie48
But wait their is more stay posted


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Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2018, 12:32:53 »
PART TWO on the 1/24 scale Metinda iii model build so the CH18 bridge doors this is the channel that works the bow thruster before you start yes METINDA III never had a bow thruster just in 1/24 scale and with a single prop she will be hard to turn about and sometimes very hard to berth alongside so a little help is need.
So I will be fitting a hidden bow thruster here is how it works channel 18 as the bridge doors slide this will trip a micro switch which starts the bow thruster operation ,on the rudder when at midship position their are two micro switches little to port is port side thruster little to stb is stb side thruster working when the door switch trips a micro a motor servo drive will drive the thruster unit down some 90 mm below the hull the rudder switches propels   the model either port or stb .
How is it made real simple a plastic tube house plumbing pipe is used  this is fitted into the bow of the model the bottom of this  is cut and angled to be part of the hull the bow thruster is fixed to this so when it is  down you will see the hull plating and a thruster unit glued screwed and bolted sitting on top of  the plating  and a shaft going up to drive system inside the plastic tube is a pair of worm drive teeth both fore and aft this are bolted and glued to the side of the tube then to this is the servo  drive unit basically a servo with gears  with the gears their is one for each tooth drive and a set of gears on the servo so the power unit drives down on the side gear teeth on the tube to operate to the correct depth below this were the shaft is their is a plug a cylinder that helps keep the water out this slides up and down the tube tween the motor servo drive unit and the thruster below, the thruster is 55 mm  and the whole thing is 90 mm below the hull when pushing or pulling the Metinda III around.
Atop of the tube there is a water tight cap so no water gets into the hull just the wires and these are sealed and water tight
So when housed the hull looks like a normal model hull it all fits together when deployed you will see the hull plate the 55 mm thruster unit the shaft  the thruster wires run thru the tube  so not seen .
It is a lot of work yes I see that but sometimes you need a hand to do something like a bow thruster unit that will not effect the look and the style of a model is it over engineered yep is it fun you bet cost is made up of parts from the parts bin we all have parts laying around the pipe well I asked a builder for some pipe laying around a building site the brass bolts the hold the teeth to the pipe was the only cost the bow thruster a little over size but was laying in the parts bin waiting and crying out to be used .
Was looking at model hydraulic system but just to dear to purchase this way is cheap water tight functional and a laugh when other modellers see her spin around do  not plan to use it all the time just when need or in a emergency when required .
I hope you enjoyed this part of the build and the insight  to a 1/24 scale model of METINDA III  model build .
See if i can do it make it you guys should have a go at something different and tells us here what you have planned  tassie48