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Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« on: May 09, 2018, 13:16:19 »
Hi all tassie48 here a new member to this site just about to start a new project in 1/24 scale the WW2 tug Metinda III was the ex EMPIRE ROSA EX EMPIRE JEAN then ,METINDA III then RA3 then her last days as AR33 .
She was a WW2 Modified Englishman/Larch tug 137.1x33.1x14.5 feet
Normal build plywood frames plywood hull fiberglassed over in and out 20 channel Radio Control apart from the std fwd rev port stb she will have some other features Port side anchor and chain 3 metres of cable ,port side life boat swings out down to water line and back up again ,Opening doors and opening hatch covers and a sliding hatch with one of the crew coming up and back down again ,radar search light turns,smoke stack and water discharge over the side and thru a deck hose motor water cooling outlets working aft deck steering chains even a wash down hose and crew on the working anchor side lights Nav ,Towing interior and a crew member aft welding the deck watch out for welding flash,anchor light works with the anchor ,swings a 145mm 4 blade RH cast bronze prop from simon all ready under way ,tow hook drops and returns so can drop the tow if need,some other features still to be worked out looking at getting the lifeboat to operate on it,s own once released she will have a very loud ships horn .
I have build bigger models in the past so no big deal just keen to get as many features in one model and as with all my models one of the crew is taking a leak over the side plumbed up to the cooling water all my models have this feature being ex merchant navy bow and stern pudding and side fenders will show her working .
I use to build models for museums now just prefer to build what I like and this girl really appeals to me I plan to have the build blog on here and just here I had a 1/32 Model of her years ago sold her when we went over seas now back in NZ keen to get another one on the water .

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Re: Metinda III Tug in 1/24th scale
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 13:23:17 »
Looking forward to this.