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My lake parts tool kit
« on: May 27, 2018, 11:54:58 »
I have a large fishing tackle box that doubles as a seat and carrys all me bits and pieces that I take to the lake each and every time inside their is all manner of equipment like spare crystals you more mature members that does not sound right us older guys that's better  will remember crystals some times you need a spare set or splits most of my smaller parts are in 35mm film canisters yet another throw back to times past spare couplers uni joints nuts and bolts a egg beater drill will bits couple of soldering irons gas type one a blow torch the other a soldering iron spare heat sink tools spanners allen keys lifting straps spring scale for tow testing even a expendable fishing rod and weight to retrieve models  that are broken down on the water .
Many a time we have had to do a repair to get fellow modellers on the water even a note book and pen used it once to give a lady my phone number .
Spare batteries have used more than  I can keep count you name it we carry it first aid kit ,spare wire and Z pliers even a can of spare stanchions which due to a bump I had some for a young fellow who was a bit sad he lost a couple .
Lights a torch even those glow sticks we throw then in the water all lit up and push them around at dusk bottle of oil for shafts grease .
One member would come down and we would have to carry out running repairs to keep him going never have I seen him on the water with out a helping hand need he soon learned that when we are at the other end of the lake he will have to wait till we get back their to help him out .
So next time you see me on the water take a look at the car and their sits the box of bits .
We go down to the water early and try to get a full day sailing in in all weather haha some times it is really wild some times it is just right any day model sailing is ok in my books .
I even have a couple of those plastic ponchos that keep you some what dry should a down pour hit makes a great boat cover as well .
Trust you guys  have something similar so you can enjoy your day sailing on the water .tassie48