Author Topic: A great day on the water well stared out ok  (Read 1380 times)

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A great day on the water well stared out ok
« on: May 27, 2018, 12:35:07 »
Many years ago well last century haha love that couple of things happen which still bring a smile no matter how many times it is told one of the model crew no names had a boat that well the bobs board caught fire over heated big time so the shout went out and over came the five boats on the water at the time One tried to use his fire monitors he was going back wards and forwards trying to pour water on the burning model now getting bigger and bigger flames doing not much to help out at all , one tried to push him back to the side of the lake ended up getting his boat burnt now it is my turn  we are talking about my tug not having a fire monitor but you guessed it a crew down aft taking a leak well I backed up to his boat with my crew trying to put out the fire you show see the look on peoples faces is he peeing on that boat had us in fits of laughter then some how we think the first boat had a leaf under it  because both of the pumps fired up   and tons of water now was flowing so much not only did he put the fire he sunk it as well we were rolling on the grass laughing us so hard our stomachs hurt  .
Foxy used his boat to try and bring it back lakeside he got caught up in the rigging and he need help so another boat went out to help and yep he got caught up the burnt out boat now trying it,s hardest to touch the bottom was pulling the other two down so in a fit of holy hell madness Foxy jumps in the water to rescue his boat seems he jumped in a very large hole and disappeared below the water this brought on even more fits of laughter so much most of us were looking for a toilet then Foxy yells out I can not swim  he remembered at the time he went under all I saw was his radio gear still around his neck slowly sinking  so we fished him out poor bugger nearly drowned could not see what happen next caused my eyes we so sore from crying with laughter ohh dear .
Terry threw in the lifebuoy thinking he will help foxy missed him and hit the now three boats barely floating which caused even more fits of laughter. and major damage
So some twenty minutes since the  fire started three boats all full of water one wet crew member a missing lifebuoy found later and six guys all with wet pants we stopped and had lunch  Terry being the Pratt he is produced a LLOYDS No Cure No Pay form and the laughing started again .
These  are days on the water that will stay with you for ever Now I find it hard to have a normal day on the water.

Same crew different day call came out for a lunch break so we all sailed over lifted our boats out switched off and got our lunches out Dave had a small tug he sailed over to the lake side went down to the water and could not see his boat he yelled out we all  came running first thought was it had sunk yet you can hear it running so looking around he had some how driven his boat up a water pipe and it was high and dry inside the pipe well the laughter started again what the hell are we going to do only this crowd could do something beyond belief so we got a bin that i have in the back of the car to carry all my rc gear batteries tool box etc tipped all the gear out and filled it with water and tipped the water down the drain just hoping it will flush out the tug boat nor so ,so another bin of water was tipped down the drain out flushed the boat the yell went up all is good dave somehow panicked and went full ahead and headed back for the pipe foxy reached down and grabbed   it just and it was going back in to the pipe .
So yep model boating can be a fun hobby and every day on the water is a great day just remember  to bring a smile when sailing with us lot tassie48