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red lights and white lights
« on: May 27, 2018, 13:06:02 »
Ask one of our crew Terry I think every one or every club has a Terry whom no,s every thing so no interweb need just ask terry one of the guys said wind him up so I said to terry what happens if you see a red port light and 8 white lights under it what is that called terry said he would have to think about it and report back next week we all no he is searching the interweb looking for the answer ,so next week down at the lake  terry rocks up and said  it can not happen not possible I said it was he said prove it I said you look up one red light light 8 white lights you my son have just being run over by a cruise ship well Terry to this day will talk to me oh dear some people just can not take a joke tassie48


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Re: red lights and white lights
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 19:48:37 »
Reminds me of one of my pet subjects.  I was looking up the CollRegs one day, looking for details for placement of navigation lights, and one of the regulations states that the nav lights shall be lit from sunset to sunrise, and no other lights may be shown that may obstruct or obscure these nav lights (or words to that effect).  Yet these floating gin palaces are all lit up like fairgrounds.  I guess they must have some shielding or something so they don't shine upwards to "wash out" the light from the nav lights.  Anyway, with all that other light from them, no-one can say that can't see these other palaces.