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Flags are fun
« on: May 27, 2018, 16:53:43 »
Yes it sounds like Sheldon from the big bang show but they can be a fun thing on a model I run flags on all of mine all my models have the same format of flags to port my outer halyard is my scale the flags in this case is 124 this is my scale  of the model..
Now all the guys in our crew run flags
Next is either the ships  call sign normally four flags or date of operation 44 being ww2 dday then either a collection of other signal flags etc the stb outer flags are GJM or GM my initials or owner builder .
Now couple of my models i can change flags this is easy i use a micro motors and three sets of flags on  three different halyards  so first signal flag is up a micro switch hits the motor via  channel switched on a micro motor mounted to the deck this now pulls the first set of flags down at the same time a second set of flag signals goes up yet another micro motor pulls up the second set of flags a third set pulls the third set of signal flags up and down the last one is my main ships  ensign down it comes  to half mast and back up again to signal a warship dipping the ensign and back up to the truck it goes  war ships are meant to dip in response yet to get a reply haha .
On the end of the micro motor is a simple pulley same with atop of the flag halyard motor drives up and drives down the switch stops either a timer diode or breaker wired into the motor .
Looks funny when people spot the flag change brings a smile as all my models their is a crew member on the flag deck monkey island with his hands up pulling the halyards just to add some character  and yet another feature word of caution here one of our guys runs a pirate flag and we all chase him away he has a sailing ship and it looks great raising the skull and cross bones up the mast some 900 odd mm again a simple thing that brings fun to a model so give it a go tassie48