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Smoker / Light Contoller
« on: June 23, 2018, 13:15:27 »
Evening All.

Really please as finished off the smoker/light controller i've been working on as didn't like having smoke pouring out all the time.

It works with any smoker that has a fan attached.

Theres Two modes, but all versions have the same light functions,
one switch - on /off (can change to a proportional to work with a water pump)
Three position Swich, controlls two light circuts(ie internal and external light or radar).
If you don't want to remotely turn of the smoke. Then there another on/off chanel that can be used.

Diesel mode.

Able to turn off/on the power to the Water vapor system system remotely,
Diesel engine, will power the fan 100% at the start and the slow the fan down till model is just about to move off and again at about 3rd throtte in both forward and reserve.

Steam Engine

Fan at idle is about 20% so always push the smoke up but then it will encrease with throttle input.

and this is my friends using oil heater system(was changed so only the heater coil was powered when the fan was engaged to save power).

I going to start selling these if anyone would like on.