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Oh no, not another Smit Nederland !

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Graham D:
I'm feeling rather pleased with myself having finally ( after 3 years) completed my model of the Billings Smit Nederland.
It has independent ESCs and motors, an electronic diesel sound module, and operational lights and fog horn.
I have deviated from the plans in a number of areas including my version of the wheelhouse windows. Rather than sticking thin pieces of wood around the window openings and then attaching the windows with a painted border, I have cut the windows from 1.5mm acrylic and edged them with white tape to simulate the metal frames on the full size boat. These are then glued to the outside of the wheelhouse for what I think is a much more realistic look. The mast folds down for safety when being transported.
Painting was a mixture of spray and brush application followed by an all over coat of sprayed on satin clear.

Graham D:
More photos

Looks good.  I like it - the "traditional" style appeals to me much more than the more modern designs.  Can we have more photos please?


sea monkey:
Nice work Graham.
That coat of satin really worked out well.

Graham D:
More photos as requested by Des.

The mast rigging is nylon fishing line as this can be pulled tight and looks a lot like stainless wire.
The second shot shows how it can be folded down.
The radar is a micro servo that has been gutted leaving just the motor and reduction gears. With power reduced to 1 - 2volts the rpm is just right.
As I will be participating in a bit of towing I have secured the removable deck with two extensions at the rear and countersunk screws at the front. The bollards are screwed from below.


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