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Australian tug York Syme info needed

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sea monkey:
I'm looking for any plans, drawing or photos of the Australian tug York Syme. I've tried the Google search but not much there.
Built in 1961 by Adelaide Ship Construction to a Burness, Collett design. Operated by Howard Smith Ltd, then Derwent Tug Co. now registered in the Cook Islands but working in northern NZ. Not sure who owns her now.
She had a sister ship, the You Yangs. Any information on either, or where to find that information would be appreciated.

Hi Steve

Good choices there.  I've looked in vain for info on both of these tugs for several years now.

YY was launched on 3 Mar, 1961 as hull no. 8;  YS was launched on 4 Sept 1962 as hull no.15.
Both had a single Ruston engine driving a fixed pitch, open propeller.

The two are not quite "sister ships".  They both have the same hull dimensions, and I'm sure their deck arrangements would be similar, if not identical - but YY had a slightly more powerful engine - 874 kW vs 809 kW for YS.  There must have been some internal differences also, as YS was rated 149 grt, whereas YY was rated 166 grt.

Last info I found was that YS is registered in Cook Islands, but working in NZ.  YY had a name change in 1997 to SUMBER POWER IV, registered in Cambodia.  I don't know if this info is still current.

I've managed to glean some photos of both tugs off the web - none are particularly good shots, and you may already have them.  If you don't, then send me a pm and I'll flick them to you.  I only managed to find these photos on grosstonnage.com (which seems to have gone dead), but only after I had found their respective IMO numbers - 5396090 for YS, and 5396416 for YY.


Also Steve, for what it is worth, the tug TENACIOUS, hull no.7, was of similar LOA and breadth, but slightly deeper draft.  I haven't found any photos of that one at all, except one after its upperworks had been comprehensively modified.  That one was listed for sale in Airlie Beach, Queensland, about 2 years ago.


There is a fairly good pic of the Syme on Marine traffic which shows her in Aukland NZ right now.

Yeah - I've got that photo - got it a couple of years ago.

If you look at the details, this photo on MarineTraffic.com was "taken" yesterday, but uploaded in 2011.

There's another photo showing this tug stranded "on the mud" - in the Waikato I think.



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