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Badweiherhock 2008
« on: July 03, 2008, 06:45:04 »
The best model meeting I have ever visited is the annually Badweiherhock in St.Peter/ Blackforrest in Germany. This year ( the same procedure at every year ) it will take place at the lake called Badweiher just in the center of St.Peter at the 09.August and 10.August.
At the website of the MSK St.Peter you will find only little information in english but it is worth to visit this fine meeting.   

...."Badweiher Party  2008-8-9/10

Big Harbour with about 60 m Kay, cranes, oil terminal, container terminal,the old city and many others on over 160 m2 .
Fire works on Saturday nights at Sea level.
The club does not take any responsibility for overheated controls, Out burned Motors and Shorted Accumulators!....."

Of course, I will be there, again.

Best wishes
Stefan  8)

P.S.: at the site choose "Bilder / Fotos Pics", than on the right hand side "Events". There you will find photos of the last Badweiherhocks!

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