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Check out the "Unique Scratch-built tug for renovation" on ebay.uk
Also the 'Spurn Point', from the same seller.

Listed under tug, category 'Boats and Hovercrafts'.
If you 'click' on the picture at the top of the page, there's a dozen or so pictures to look through.

Also, on ebay.com (USA) there is a 'Lindsey Foss' kit for sale, down in Waco Texas.
Worth looking at 8)  Item # 150277383752

On the ebay.com (USA) listing, he's selling all 3

 first is the ron burchett foss tug hull,
then is the pusher,  and if the pusher reaches he ideal price you
can buy the barge ;D
the foss tug he claims will cost you $3000 to build ???

There certainly seems to have been a spate of these enigmatic items "for sale" lately and even though it is extremely annoying for genuine bidders you have to laugh at the absurd antics of some of these sellers. Perhaps they do it for a laugh as well?  ;D

Is it just me or does anyone else think this might be some sort of sham? I've seen this hull on ebay a few other times, never was sure as to what to make of it.

There is a nice 'Happy Hunter' model, all built, new on ebay.uk
Item# 260272692559 :)


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